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Cheap(?) parts car '82 5K


For the past year I have frequently passed a little auto repair shop on 
my alternate commute route.  They have what looks like an '82 5KS 
automatic sitting alongside the road.  The condition is pretty (make 
that very) rough.  Some rust.  Driver's door and LF fender contact.  
LF fender has some rust.  Trim pieces missing.  Leather seats bad.  I didn't 
inspect it closely.  However, this might make a decent parts car for 
anyone interested in it.  I bet you could get it *very* reasonably.  The 
car doesn't look bad from the road when passing at 80mph.

The story from the fellow in the shop is that a woman paid him to bring 
it and another car from the dealership to his shop.  She then simply left 
it with him with no instructions.  He has the title.  It had been running 
but was not running when it arrived at his shop.  "It was not getting 
fuel".  Fuel pump?  FP relay?  FP Relay socket?  Other?

Lemme know if you are interested.  The usual disclaimers, etc...

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