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Re: How to put battery in key?

Mine's pretty loose, I can just slide it off with my thumb. The
owner's manual says you slide a coin into the slot (where the keychain
goes through) and prying with it. The entire back side (opposite the
soft button) slides away from the traditional key part of the key.
I don't see what you mean by the "tab", though.

By the way, I've found that I have to open it every month or so and
clean the batteries and contacts. Try it before you spring for the

[begin include from drudoff (Apr  4,  8:06)]
> OK, I know this shouldn't be that hard and I feel somewhat stupid for
> asking, but I need to put a new battery in my "keyless entry key" for the
> '92 100 CSQ I bought this week. I've tried what I thought was the obvious,
> that is to press down the tab by the hole in the key, but without luck and
> I don't want to damage the key by prying apart the wrong piece. 
> I don't have an owner's manual, so any help would be appreciated.

Steve Molin, amateur praxeologist first class