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Re: Unintended Acceleration

>   To the esteemed Audiphiles:  I have had 2 experiences of unintended 
>   acceleration with my '90 V8Q.  Both happened while driving at highway 
>   speeds.  Basically driving along with cruise off and the throttle pedal 
>   went to the floor.  Very disconcerting.  Tried playing with the cruise 
>   switch but no change.  Also in fairly heavy traffic so I needed to use 
>   the brake to keep from climbing into the back seat of the car in front of 
>   me.  It is true that brakes will overcome the motor, but not as easy at 
>   speed as at rest.  Anyway, manuevered (sp?) to the shoulder and cut the 
>   ignition, pulled to a stop.  Regained professional demeaner, restarted 
>   motor and took off.  No further occurances in the last 12 months.  ??

With repect to the ongoing discussion, be aware that we are apparently
tlaking of two very different cases of UA...different causes and sources.

A personal, sort of, 2nd had point of reference...had a friend in CA whose
wife freaked about one of the "from a standstill" cases of UA.  Hit the
back of the garage, in fact.  When he got her to get back in the car, he
had hert in and immediately stomp with her two feet like she said she had
been doing to stop the car.  As other stories suggest she would...she
stomped directly on the gas pedal with her right foot at first, then looked
down to correct it.  Refused to believe that she could have done it that
way.  Won't drive an Audi...wanted an Olds again.

Hey, it really happens and, hey, the modules (both kinds) really do
malfunction on Audis and other cars and, hey, I thought being a drive meant
taking responsibility.

Just my feelings..I've been burned out on this stuff before.

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