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wheels/tires/fitment TQC's

Okay, guys.

There's been lots of discussion lately re. what will or won't fit under the
wheel wells of certain cars.  I'd like to carry it to the TQC's/UrQ's,
particularly the '83 model year.

I've got the 15x7 Fuchs on mine.  I've run 215/50's (Pirelli Sports,
P700Z's and Dunlop SP4000's) without problem, as you would expect.  I tried
D40's, 225/50's, and they didn't come close.  However, my problem was not
with the rear wheel wells.  There was plenty of clearance there.  It was
with the front suspension rubbing the inside edge of the tires.  Tried
spacing them out, but never could get the balance right, so I just went
back to 215's.

The Fuchs have a +45(or +44?...where's my brain this morning?) offset.  

The "regular" alloys have what, a +36 or +37 offset, as do the 15x8's, I
think.    But the problem with 225's on either of those wheels is in the
rear, not the front.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.  Will the 225's
work on 15x7's with a +36 or +37 offset?  Can you fit 225's on 16x7's or
16x7.5's without rolling the rear wells?  What about 17" wheels on these
cars?  (Not that I'd really like to go up to them...the car's already lower
and stiffer and I enjoy the car on the road, not the track.)  BTW, the
225's wouldn't fit BEFORE the car was lowered. 

I've gotten disparate answers on this before, including from some Tire Rack
guys, who usually know of what they speak, but not always.

All info would be appreciated.  Either open to the group or direct to me to
cut some bandwidth.  100+ messages a day is getting a bit much for many,



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