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<insurance> GEICO = %*#&

(not really Audi content, only about Geico Insurance Co.);

Al-- I concur with your view of Geico.

I used to live in the neighborhood directly beside the Geico HQ in Chevy 
Chase, MD. When I moved in in 1986, I discovered that the company had been 
buying up homes in the neighborhood. This was denyed by Geico (they used a 
real estate agent to do the purchase, but we traced the title back to Geico 
itself). The land around Geico was selling for megabucks per sq. ft. except 
for these residential, single-family lots. Geico was interested in the 
property, it appears, to leverage their position, possibly destabilizing the 
community so they could pick-up the rest of the property in at "fire sale" 
prices, then develop or sell to a developer. Read "Greed is good!"

They got mega consessions (zoning change -> $$) from the county, and have 
mostly moved out. The property is now to be developed. The houses they still 
own, but no zoning change on those yet. When asked them about insurance too. 
When they found out we lived in the neighborhood next to them, they told us 
they could not help us. We moved from the neighborhood recently.

I know of much more about the company than I feel appropriate to relay, but 
it is very true that they are a bunch of deceitful, money-grubbing, pompus, 
...you get the message.
Cameron Duncan
Bethesda, MD
'91 200t