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Re: <all> GEICO Srikes Again

       -Al Powell 
"I called them once - and was asked if I owned a radar detector.  I 
asked what their response would be if I said "Yes", and they 
responded that they wouldn't insure anyone who owned one.  When I 
asked what happened if I said "No", they responded: we can't go any 
further with the interview since you've already said "Yes".  I 
exercised great self-control in not sharing some choice Anglo-Saxon 
adjectives with the phone op, since they were not the one to create 
such asanine policies and should therefore not be abused."

In an old post, I had mentioned that Geico actaully buys radar guns for law 
enforcement, and in their advertising they claim that they are helping make the 
roads safer.  Al... the expression "Butthead" is simply TOO polite!