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Re: Rendezvous - Car

 tnas@dtpdirect.nl  writes:                                        

 TNDD> Hi all,

 TNDD> Talkin' 'bout car chases in movies: remember the one in The Blues
 TNDD> Brothers where they drive through a mall? They destroy almost
 TNDD> everything in sight while making casual comments like 'The Buicks are
 TNDD> early this year' while driving past the showroom. A hoot!

       Yes, the mall chase is the BEST ever in a movie (IMHO). The 
       only one I recall coming close to a mall chase is in 
       "The Italian Job" when they go through the Italian
       version of a mall.  His comment was about the
       new Oldsmobiles, I think, because they drove through
       the dealers plate glass.  


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