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Re: Exceeding Customer Ex

linust@interramp.com writes:                                       


 LDT> the next week they were bombarded with massive phone calls from angry
 LDT> wives (of customers they sent out birthday cards to) screaming, ' when
 LDT> did my husband buy the BMW? - How come I did not know about this?' (the
 LDT> BMWs had gone out to mistresses)

 LDT> Oooops, that was a real mess!
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  This sounds like the 165MPH chase that ended in police motorcade
  to the guys front door....

  1. When you buy a new car they send you LOTS of stuff, from 
     service reminders to spare keys.  This B-Day
     card wouldn't have been the first correspondence from
     the manufacturer.
  2. Why would anyone use their home address instead of the
     mistresses address (which you're usually paying for) for
     any such purchases. This address should also be used for
     all credit cards etc.

  3. You'd have to be REALLY stupid to register/buy the car
     in your name, on your insurance, and with your home 
     mailing address. Somebody would eventually be calling
     the wife asking her about how "she" (hit, almost hit,
     etc.) with "her" BMW.

  4. Maybe BMW stands for Bonus Mistress's Want.


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