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5ktq Rear Suspension P/N's, Is it worth it?

The 222k+ miles have taken their toll on my suspension again.  I replaced the
passenger side about 40k ago, now the driver side has gone metal on metal.
 Does anyone have the part number for this piece (Outer ball joint, tie rod
end part).  I lost the receipt for the last one I bought, ooops.

The growing number of problems has made me wonder when to send this Q out to
pasture.  The turbo bearing seals are starting to leak (original), there's an
ominous rattle  on slight acceleration (turbo again?), exhaust leaks when
cold (studs are OK,manifold cracked?), clutch has at least 130k+, A/C clutch
smoked (have clutch), seal on input shaft to rear dif. leaks (have seal).  I
foresee having to replace all suspension bushings and exhaust soon - that
stainless muffler has developed some holes.

The body, interior and everything else is in great shape.  I have a bunch of
mods and goodies on the car and am hesitant to give it up.  

THE QUESTION IS:  Do I dump the 5ktq for ~$1700 and buy the '91 200tq, or
make my car the ultimate quattro seeing that I'd want to upgrade everything
thats bad anyway....?

Any and all opinions are much appreciated, TIA

'86 5ktq                  (slightly sick)
'84 VW GTI             (FOR SALE)
'79 Triumph Spitfire