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91 200tq, 87 5kNAq in salvage yard

I paid a visit to my local Audi salvage yard last night.  I noticed a 91 20v
turbo hit hard in  front, A/C compressor went into block which is now
ventilated, good head, FI, turbo, interior and rear end.  

Also saw an '87 5kq non turbo, damaged behind rt. headlight.  Broken air
box,bumper and grill, but no other damage.  Anybody need 4.11's for their
5ktq?  They also have about 4 5ktq and a bunch of 4qs.

The yard is Santa Fe Audi Salvage in Castle Rock, CO. (303) 688 4644.

Happy hunting!

86 5ktq
79 Triumph Spitfire