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Re: Dunlop SP8000 needed

>Do you have a problem with your tires wearing out the inside tread first?  I
>had the TQC alligned, but the shop said that the caster and camber were out
>of specs. and could not be adjusted.  The Bentley manual confirmed this.
>Have you had to deal with this?

That's 'normal' on the Ur-Q with P7s and the 15x8" wheels. The factory
alignment specs call for a 'bit' of negative camber to maximize handling -
at the expense of wear on the inside edges of the tahrs. Are not 911s much
the same?

I too have a number of ~1/2 worn P7s in 215-50-15, the correct size for the
Ur-Q with 15x8" wheels - I could part with a few of these if anyone needs
replacements to match their other 'pre-owned' P7s. NE area.