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Re: Exceeding Customer Ex

At 12:37 PM 4/5/96 -0640, Cobram wrote:

>  This sounds like the 165MPH chase that ended in police motorcade
>  to the guys front door....
>  1. When you buy a new car they send you LOTS of stuff, from 
>     service reminders to spare keys.  This B-Day
>     card wouldn't have been the first correspondence from
>     the manufacturer.

good point.  
>  2. Why would anyone use their home address instead of the
>     mistresses address (which you're usually paying for) for
>     any such purchases. This address should also be used for
>     all credit cards etc.

sure sounds like someone's been this route before :)
or why not the work address?

>  3. You'd have to be REALLY stupid to register/buy the car
>     in your name, on your insurance, and with your home 
>     mailing address. Somebody would eventually be calling
>     the wife asking her about how "she" (hit, almost hit,
>     etc.) with "her" BMW.

sometimes, there's a reason.  i personally know someone (NOT a second-hand
story) who had his name on the lease for his girlfriend (not a mistress).
in that case, there was no way she could have qualified to rent (income,
credit, etc--don't ask why he went out w/ her).  perhaps insurance?  and
maybe an issue w/ control over the mistress?

>  4. Maybe BMW stands for Bonus Mistress's Want.


i too questioned this one when i saw it...but...knowing a bit about the
culture involved, it's not too suprising.

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