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Re: What car is this?

At 11:25 AM 4/5/96 -0800, dieckeaw@PLU.edu wrote:

>He probably did the V6 thang to avoid EPA red tape.  While the S series 
>engine is legal in the states, it isn't in the 90 series.  Otherwise, I 
>would have at least settled for the S2 engine.

actually, the V6/EPA thing shouldn't be an issue.  you can (on your own)
transplant any engine into any other so long as you meet the EPA (emission)
regs on the later of either the engine build year or the chassis build year.
check with the kit-car builders for more.

as for using the S4/S6 engine in the '90-93 90 series coupe, Audi didn't
produce one until someone else (another tuner, name which i forget) showed
it to be feasible.  actually would have been real simple to certify here in
the US too, since the weight of the 90/S2 is much lower than the S4/S6
(that's the other rule--manufacturer doesn't have to complete recertify the
drivetrain if it's installed in a vehicle with a lower weight).

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