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Car Sightings

It has been amazing to me how many Audis there are  - once you buy 
one.  Common phenom with most cars.

Non-Audi content related to obscure car sightings: 

My stored gem is a 1958 Fiat 1220 Spyder Roadster, of which about 
1500 were imported.  This is a fun but really obscure, non-exotic car. 
NEVER thought I'd see another - and I haven't seen one on the road 
since 1974.  But - any of you remember the early 1970's movie "Putney 
Swope"?  It was about an uneducated black gent who took over an ad 
agency and did some pretty outrageous things with it...and the 
commercials they produced.

Well, in one commercial, there was a car.  It was, honest to god, a 
1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder Roadster!  It took all the self-control I had 
not to stand up in the theater and scream "LOOKIT!  THAT'S MY CAR!!". 
But I'm sure my loud mutterings conveyed the message to those 

Big I digress even more than usual.  :-)
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