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State Farm is really big on the aftermarket stuff, but for the most part we
don't have to worry. There isn't much available for Audi's from the Taiwan
suppliers. If one of your cars gets hit and AM parts are specified, first
insist that they be CAPA certified. This doesn't mean they'll fit worth a
damn any better, but it reduces greatly the number of available AM parts they
can stick you with. AM bumper covers are usually ok, as most of the time they
are actually recycled/repaired OE bumpers.
Used parts that aren't rusty or damaged are a better choice. If they're still
hot to use AM parts on your car, it's probably because they couldn't find any
used ones locally. This is when you may want to provide a few decent sources
for used items to help sway them. I generally only call 2-3 places looking
for used before I stick AM on the car. Most any shop will prefer to use used
parts over AM.
BTW, been with State Farm for several years, and am happy with the service
and rates. They bought a new windshield for the Coupe and a headlamp, thanx
to a dump truck with an uncovered load. No deductible comp. is a good thing!
Dwight V.
86 Cgt, 89 Jetta GLI 16v
70 124 Spider, 67 Dino Coupe
and that damn Subaru is still here