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NY Auto Show

Just returned from the show today. The TT Coupe was there. I was surprised at
how small it appears. Anxious to get a 'seating' in one.
Never having been in an A4 (am I the only one?) I was anxious to see if I
would like it as much inside as I did outside. I'm always concerned about
headroom, as I seem to have trouble with a lot of cars in this respect. The
A4 with sunroof doesn't have enough rear headroom for me, but the front is no
problem. A good thing, since this is where I would likely spend all may
waking hours, since I am now in love with this car!  Everything fits me
perfectly; the shift action is wonderful, blah blah blah. In a nutshell, this
car is everything I hoped for and more. Now all I need to do is wait a few
years for the four valve engine and depreciation to do its thing :)
Very tired after a long day, so I'm heading to bed to have happy dreams of
all wheel drive cars with bulging fenders and German pedigrees....
Dwight V.
86 Cgt, 89 Jetta GLI 16v, Subaru finally departing my driveway tomorrow!