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Re: NY Auto Show

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996 Quattrofan@aol.com wrote:

> Just returned from the show today. The TT Coupe was there. I was surprised at
> how small it appears. Anxious to get a 'seating' in one.
> Never having been in an A4 (am I the only one?) I was anxious to see if I
> would like it as much inside as I did outside. I'm always concerned about
> headroom, as I seem to have trouble with a lot of cars in this respect. The

You're right... two nights before the show started, I got an invite for a 
personal preview of the TT, where the car was being prepared for the 
show. YOu arent kidding, the car is small, but boatloads of legroom. 
Unfortunatley, I cant tell you how it handles though  :(


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