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Ticket BS

	Judge, er, whatever, I would have responded by private e-mail but 
you rode me sorta hard out here.

	First, this debate has all the markings of a "mine is bigger" 
argument, which is too bad.  

	Second, maybe things are done differently in Calif. and in your 
"court".  All I know is what I see and what I do.  If you are a traffic 
court judge, well, sorry to hear it. 

	>>>Any clerk will know what an abstract is....  Whatever.  Take a 
trip to the judge's office where you were last "convicted" and see.  Two 
types of docket sheets:  Court docket and Case docket.  You should know this.

	>>>Dismiss Ticket.  "Cannot be done"<<<  What planet did you fly 
in from???  Get it done for my friends.

	>>>Again, there is really no such thing as "pay a triple fine and 
have the ticket dismissed  YOU CANNOT BE PUNISHED IF YOU DO NOT GET 
CONVICTED OF SOMETHING"<<<<  Come on.  If you are a judge, then maybe you 
don't know what gets done outside your court.  If you are a lawyer, and 
do this for a living, then you ought to know it is done--regularly.  
Again, BTDT.  The point to all this traffic mess is you have to find 
someone that can work with the prosecutor.  If that happens to be a 
"traffic lawyer" then great, you got off cheap[er].  BUT, don't tell me 
it can't be done, 'cause I got it done for a buddy who is a commercial 
driver LAST WEEK!!  You don't think he was happy to pay a fine and not 
have it go to the BMV?  BTW, I charged him $0.00.  Took 15 minutes and he 
wasn't even in the State.

	>>>Expungement<<<  I didn't say [did I?] that a prosecutor could 
expunge your record.  You infer however, that things like DUI can't be 
expunged.  Again, BTDT.  Heard of deferred prosecution?  

	>>>"judicial notice" of the validity of radar guns<<<  Right and 
wrong.  If you don't make an issue of the calibration of the gun it will 
be accepted.  If you are a judge but don't allow experts on the issue of 
radar guns--shame on you.  They are NOT always right. BTDT.

	>>>traffic lawyers<<<  Some good some bad.  Nothing new there.  I 
was not insinuating incompetence across the board.  As for "smoking" a 
"regular" crimminal defense lawyer, well, believe what you will.  Some 
lawyers go to traffic so they can feed their family.  No problem here 
with that.  However, most "regular" [your word] crimminal defense lawyers 
avoid traffic like the plague.  Let's put it this way, good trial lawyers 
don't turn down securities work or product cases in order to keep their 
calender open for traffic court.  Never charged a dime for working out 
traffic stuff--done strictly as a favor for friends.  Most good crimminal 
defense lawyers are too busy on paying cases to work out a ticket.  
Except for a friend.

	>>>Inaccurate Information<<<  To coin an old phrase, ain't a 
cowboy 'til you stepped in shit.  Been in shit from Denver to Dallas, 
Miami to Michigan, never once been accused of givin' bad information.  
Just call it like I see it and like I do it.

	Good meetin' ya judge.  Gotta feeling you and I will have some 
fun on this here list.


'89 200tqw and all my precious little driving points intact--after 12 stops.