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Engine Swap or Volvo?

	BTW, Don't know if I signed the post on tickets.  If not, 
Bruce--not Steve Williams.  Long story about the office computer.

	"Judge":  I have no experience w/ Europart.  However, I thought 
long and hard about an engine swap and Eric's previous post w/ estimated 
prices is right on the button.  JUST a swap [I had the mashed '91tq and a 
perfect 100q for the transplant] of engine and necessary parts was going 
to be in the $3k - $5k range if done by the people we all talk about.  If 
you don't have the parts car, I wouldn't even think about it.  BTW, Ned 
told me the swap of 20vt into 90q coupe was, I believe, like $16k.  Other 
work was done, but nothing like what you describe.  My decision:  buy a 
cherry tqw and add to it.  

	About the 850tw.  Spent a lot of time in the driver's seat and, 
well, I don't own a Volvo.  The R model is nice, if you like Volvo's, but 
I found it to have (1) way less power than you can get more cheaply in an 
Audi wagon and (2) too much torque steer.  Also, jittery as all hell on 
imperfect pavement.  Best Bet?  IMHO? If you want a wagon, drop back and 
find a used Audi 5K or 200 tqw.  If you look hard, you can find great 
models.  You should be in a great one for $7,500 - $15,000.  REMEMBER!  
If maintained properly, 100k is nuttin' on an Audi.  Then write Eric 
[STEADIRIC@aol.com] for suspension, brake upgrades.  Follow listers 
advice on HP upgrades, then send the $15k - $25k you saved over buying a 
dork Volvo to me for the advice on avoiding dorkness.  Really, wouldn't 
you rather smoke a Volvo wagon on some dark cop-less highway than drive 
one and get smoked by Me?

Just my 2 bits,


89 200tqw