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Re: Engine Swap or Volvo?

Stephen Williams <mannlaw@indy.net> writes: 
>	About the 850tw.  Spent a lot of time in the driver's seat and, 
>well, I don't own a Volvo.  The R model is nice, if you like Volvo's, but 
>I found it to have (1) way less power than you can get more cheaply in an 
>Audi wagon and (2) too much torque steer. 
Really? The 850R has a 240 horse motor. That's pretty good for box stock.
Wonder what they're getting in BTCC racing - maybe 350...500? 
Torque steer? Virtuall none. Better than my 200. 
>Also, jittery as all hell on imperfect pavement. 
17" wheels will do that. Downgrade to 16" if you don't have smooth roads,
or double down to 15" if you have to...that ain't the car. 
>Best Bet?  IMHO? If you want a wagon, drop back and find a used Audi 5K or
200 tqw. 
Aw come on. You're comparing apples and oranges. The Volvo is bigger
inside, particularly in back, has 4 airbags, side impact protection,
traction control, a warranty, neat sport seats that are as good as the
seats in my 200. blah blah blah. They're just 2 different cars. 
> If you look hard, you can find great models.  You should be in a great
one for $7,500 - $15,000.  > REMEMBER! If maintained properly, 100k is
nuttin' on an Audi. 
Same is true for Volvos. You won't win an argument on longevity with
Volvos. And I don't spend any of my spare time soldering LEDs on switches
on my Volvo. None of the small things break on Volvos (door handles,
switches, etc), even after 10 or 15 years. I've put a lot of mileage on
Volvos and they are extremely reliable. 
My 200 handles better and is more fun to drive, but it *is* a higher
maintenance car.  
>advice on HP upgrades, then send the $15k - $25k you saved over buying a 
>dork Volvo to me for the advice on avoiding dorkness. 
I have news for you. The car you drive doesn't make you a dork...or keep
you from avoiding dorkdom. It's something you're born into. 
>Really, wouldn't you rather smoke a Volvo wagon on some dark cop-less
highway than drive 
>one and get smoked by Me? 
Well, actually, I wouldn't really care. Maybe I'm getting old. It just
ain't that important to smoke the guy next to me anymore. 
Lee M. Levitt