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Mounting radar detectors

I posted this once before...thought with all the talk about radar
detectors, people would be interested... 
On my '90 200, I mounted my CM Passport (old style) above the rear view
mirror, between the visors. The sunroof motor blocks the view of the RD
from behind the car, and you really can't see it unless you're sitting in
the driver's seat. 
I ran a wire from the SR motor console to the detector, so I have no wire
hanging down. 
Here's where it gets interesting. First, the roof is slanted, and second,
the Passport is just a bit wider than the available space. For the first, I
made a small wedge out of oak, that mounts to the headliner just behind the
glass..gee it's fun drilling into the headliner and roof
structure...wondering if the bit's gonna come out the expensive shiny
The wedge provides a flat horizontal mounting point for the RD. 
Then, I removed the driver's side visor and surgically trimmed it about an
inch or so...just enough to allow the RD to fit. This requires carefully
removing the upholstery, cutting the foam *and* the metal reinforcing bar
that give the thing its shape...This btw hasn't been a problem wrt
Then, I glued the very tip of the visor back onto the larger stub so it
looked finished, with the upholstery overlapping and folded back...this can
be tricky, so when you're removing the piece, be sure to carefully save
about 1/2 inch of the end... 
Looks pretty trick, IMCO! ;-) 
BTW, the newer passports have their controls on the top rather than on the
side. Don't know how this will work with the above strategy... 
If anyone needs further information, drop me a note. 
Lee M. Levitt