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Re: 91 200tq Trans Problems

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Eric Harman wrote:
>seat position memory switches -
>    same as above, you have to hold them down until the desired
>    position is reached instead of just one little click.

i don't believe that this is a defect.  i think that this is the
way it is supposed to work.  i will check the owners manual.

>     light on little sunroof switch intermittent

yeah, mine does it too, but i hardly notice it.

here's an interesting comment: my service advisor off-handedly
remarked that for every switch he's had to replace on the 80/90/a4
he's "had to replace 10 switches on the 5000/100/200/v8".  (don't take
it literally, it was not based on careful statistical analysis)

moral of the story:  get the smaller cars to avoid electrical