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Re: 91 200tq Trans Problems

>I just bought a '91 200 Quattro in January and it had 55K miles on it.  
>Let me give you
>the problems I've run into so far:
>internal caliper brakes are warped, costs ~$1000 for a "brake job" - 
>remanufactured calipers, new discs, new pads and labor. Still waiting 
>for estimate of cost to convert to more conventional brakes.  

Somewhere in the region of $3000 for the conversion.....

>electrical: one-touch down feature of driver's window intermittently, 
>forcing you to hold the switch down like you normally do for the other

Bad Relay $100 at the dealer

>seat position memory switches - same as above, you have to hold them 
>down until the desired position is reached instead of just one little click.

Only works that way during the domelight delay period:  Open door get in, 
close door hit button seat motors in to place THEN start car.


Eric Fletcher