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Re: Brake Ducts, ( Quack..)

>Hey, folks - I keep hearing all the discussion about the inboard 
>brakes on the V-8's.  Most race cars (parm' me, SteadiRic and others, 
>if I tread where I shouldn't) use ducted air to cool the brakes, 
>don't they?
>Has anyone tried running plastic or other ducting material from 
>behind the front grille to the brake area to provide some additional 
>cooling?  This would be a heckuva lot cheaper than conversion....and 
>one would think the critical balance couldn't be too far off of the 
>stock condition!
>Heck, what about 4" diameter drain tile or similar hose, but 
>flexible enough to route as necessary?
>granted, this would not provide enhanced cooling at city speeds - but 
>that driving shouldn't generate undue brake heat, either.  Driving 
>which is vogorous enough to warp the brakes should also be fastenough 
>to generate cooling air!

Well.......  Having BTDT, Your looking to high.....  You also need to 
have a open wheel design (MSW Type 55's for me...) To get the air OUT.  
You also want to minimize the run and the amount of cuves required to get 
the air to the brakes..... Then there's the problem of getting more air 
to one side of the rotor then the other and warping the rotor anyway 
because of differential cooling.......  You can get some factory ducts 
from a 200TQ that do help some.... The solution though is to increase the 
cooling AND thermal capacity.... I should have that done soon.....


Eric Fletcher