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Re: Brake Ducts, ( Quack..)

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> Well.......  Having BTDT, Your looking to high.....  You also need to 
> have a open wheel design (MSW Type 55's for me...) To get the air OUT.  
> You also want to minimize the run and the amount of cuves required to get 
> the air to the brakes..... Then there's the problem of getting more air 
> to one side of the rotor then the other and warping the rotor anyway 
> because of differential cooling.......  You can get some factory ducts 
> from a 200TQ that do help some.... The solution though is to increase the 
> cooling AND thermal capacity.... I should have that done soon.....

right... if not an open wheel design, then a wheel designed just for 
that, expulsion of undercarriage air (aka the 1989 IMSO GTO 90 Quattro 
Turbo, with the Big white BBS wheels) If you look at them the face is 
completely solid, but the front lip is 1" from the bead. When the wheel 
is moving, it actually sucks air away from the barke areas.
Brake cooling is another dark art, you want to cool both sides evenly, 
typically feeding the centerline of the rotor, possible slightly favoring 
the inside. Cool both sides evenly or you get handling problems when up 
to temp. Have a straight as possible run for the fresh air, dont forget 
air compresses real easily. BTDT, you can get GREATLY improved braking 
with proper cooling.


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