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Re: Brake calipers

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, treilley wrote:

>      Do single piston type calipers cause more warpage than dual(1 piston 
>      on each side)?  A mechanic told me they did because they exert more 
>      force on one side of the rotor than the other.  Sounds to me like this 
>      guy has been talking to too many "old wives".

Warpage isnt a function of how much force is applied to the rotor, its a 
function of heat. If you can get the heat away, by either rotor design or 
wheel design, cooling, ducting etc then you wont have problems.  If you 
exert more force on the rotor, it does equate to more heat which needs to 
be removed however, but they do not warp BECAUSE of the twin pot clamps..


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