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RE: 91 200tq Trans Problems

This is what's been wrong with mine so far while I've had it (2,500
miles w/50,300 total miles):

 - internal caliper brakes had warped rotors. ~$1000 for remanufactured
rotors (Audi parts) and labour (maybe some other things
 - gas pedal broken in half (only the pedal surface). ~$100 for a new
 - 2 of 6 (I think) front suspension bushings compressed.
 - front tie rod assembled incorrectly. It was not held in place when
assembled, so it had rotated... Duh.
 - missing protective boot for the front right shock. DIY problem with
whoever replaced the shocks.
 - rear wiper developed a short.
 - windshield washers inoperative. I can hear the pump go, but nuttin'
 - 4-wheel alignment.

I guess it's not too bad - I need to replace the transmission fluid with
Redline and change the oil to Mobil 1, but that's just maintenance. Of
course, in 10K miles or so, I'll have to replace the timing belt :-(

Oh, and the Invicta GA(g)s that were on the car had to go. They were
worn to the cords and (not due to wear) sucked. Hello, D40 M2s :-)
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Subject: 	Re: 91 200tq Trans Problems
>I just bought a '91 200 Quattro in January and it had 55K miles on it. 
>Let me give you
>the problems I've run into so far:
>    internal caliper brakes are warped, costs ~$1000 for a "brake job"
>- remanufactured
>        calipers, new discs, new pads and labor.  Still waiting for
>estimate of cost to
>        convert to more conventional brakes.  
>    electrical: one-touch down feature of driver's window
>intermittently, forcing you to
>        hold the switch down like you normally do for the other windows
>    seat position memory switches - same as above, you have to hold
>them down until
>        the desired position is reached instead of just one little
>    manual transmission rear seal leaking.  ~$400 estimate from dealer,
>probably means
>        it can be done for $200 elsewhere.  
>    moveable seatbelt anchors - driver's anchor is stuck in place.  
>    light on little sunroof switch intermittent
>>I am thinking about buying a 91 200tq which has trans problems.
>>The synchronizers are giving some problems in 3rd and 4th gears.
>>Is this a common problems with this car?  Also any other problems common to
>>this car I need to know about?
>>84 5000
>>96 A6 (anyday)