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RE: Mileage (was: What car to Buy?)

My 91 200qw got about 23mpg on an 800 mile trip from Oakland, CA to
Seattle, WA. We averaged 66mph until we got into city traffic in

In mixed driving, I seem to get around 17.2 most of the time (the
computer's figure - I don't know if it's correct yet. Haven't done the
math on the gas station receipts).
- peter, microsoft corp., wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Subject: 	Mileage (was: What car to Buy?)
>Paul C. Waterloo said:
>> From what I can tell, the V8 gets as much as 22 MPG, my 5KSQ gets 25-29
>> MPG, what does a 200 TQ get?
>Do others get 25-29 MPG on their 5K/100 NA's? I'm lucky if I break 24.
>In winter, it's 20-21. Do I need to make another donation to the Audi
>gods? (maybe for a new O2 sensor?)
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