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quattro evolution

.. dug up the old post on the 4 generations of quattro, incorporated 
everyone's comments (thanks to eliot lim, terry donohue, chris palmer, r 
scharf and linus toy) and here it is. I have no doubt that some of this may 
still be inaccurate, but this is where we left it last year:

1a. 1981-1983      front:  open
    urQ            center: manually lockable (simultaneous w/rear)
                   rear:   manually lockable (simultaneous w/center)
1b. 1984-1987      front:  open
    all models     center: manually lockable
                   rear:   manually lockable (only after center is locked)

2.  1988-1995      front:  open
    all but V8     center: TORSEN (manual), multiplate clutch (auto)
                   rear:   manually lockable (with autodisengage
                                              above 15mph/25kmh)

3.  1990-1995      front:  open
    V8             center: TORSEN (manual), multiplate clutch (auto)
                   rear:   TORSEN   

4.  1996-	   front:  open
    all models     center: TORSEN
                   rear:   open
		   w/EDL (Electronic Differential Lock), a brake-assisted
                   traction control system that monitors all wheels 
                   independently in conjunction with ABS5

Further comments and corrections are heartily welcomed!

'93 90csq
North Wales, PA