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Re: Door handle

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Jeremy R King wrote:

> Your OEM (read factory installed) door handle broke, didn't it.  So have 
> about 5 of my VW door handles.  So have probably at least 150 or so door 
> handles on this list.  I'm not trying to be smart (believe me, there's no 
> chance of that), but I sure wouldn't fork over EXTRA bucks hoping to get 
> a door handle that'll last.  Buy the cheap one.  Heck, the OEM handle 
> would have to last 1.65625 times as long as the aftermarket one to be 
> worth it.  This is one of the very few instances that I wouldn't get my 
> hopes up for a genuine Audi part.  

Actually you may have better luck with the aftermarket parts in this 
case. The problem with the Audi one is the cast aluminum tab that breaks 
or wears to the point you dont have the travel. SOME of the aftermarket 
ones dont use cast, and they last a LOT longer.


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