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Re: Door handle

I've replaced 3 doorhandles on my 85 5ks and i was getting frustrated.
I got a little advice from this list which has helped tremendously.  Use
white litium grease on all the moving parts and joints.  Not only in the
handle but use the little red nozzle things to try to get some up in the
lock box itself.  Once i did that things have been smooth sailing.  My
driver's handle was cracked at the time i did this (2 monthes ago) and it
still hasn't failed.  I think the aftermarket ones should do fine.  I've
gotten mine at boneyards for $10-$15 depending on whether it was w/ or w/o
a lock (front or back).  Like i said after the grease job they've done
fine.   good luck....

					 85 5ks