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Re: No ABS?

> Al,  I don't think it is my foot on the brake pedal causing a back tire 
> to occassionally lock up.  If the front tires are at there thresh hold 
> and a back tire locks I would have to blame it on balance of the car.  
> With the stock suspension the brake dive is horrendous, and I have to 
> believe that the unloding of the rear end is greater than if the car sat 
> flatter.  I also have to say that an abrupt application of the brakes 
> causes the rear end to lock more easily than if the brakes are applied 
> smoothly and not causing such a violent weight transfer.

You have a point.  You seem to have a good case for sudden
unweighting to be the cause.  Obviously, the reduced weight would 
allow a brake to lock earlier.  In another post, you made a 
distinction between the ABS on your specific car and that of others.  
It's certainly your call as to whether the cure is worse than the 
disease!  One thing I CAN tell you - if you lock up the rears, that 
car will swap ends REAL fast because the fronts will be stopping 
faster.  BTDT!!  So unless you can re-apportion braking or otherwise 
solve the problem, the aspect of ABS which keeps the brakes from 
locking still seems to warrant consideration.

Sounds like this is not something with an easy solution for you!

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