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savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff) asked:

> >The best thing about the Steve McQueen movie is that they didn't even have 
> >permission from the City to film.  They just set up and drove, without 
> >blocking off the streets.  Read this in an interview with McQueen from some 
> >years ago.  And Le MAns is THE best race movie out.  Set it up with a surround 
> >sound stereo and listen to the cars as they pass.  There HAVE to be some audis 
> >in the stock scenes.
> This film can't be in DOLBY SURROUND can it?  The film is from
> 1971, so are you talking about 'simulated' surround modes?

You're certainly right about it not being in surround.  But a 
surround system will usually pick up any "difference" present in the 
audio of sound tracks (or even CDs) and reproduce it as surround.  
After all, what a surround system does is to create delayed/echo 
sounds for the rear speakers which your brain interprets as defining 
a space of a certain size.  So if there's REAL echo or delayed sounds 
bouncing off of objects and captured during filming, a surround system 
will send them to the rear speakers...sometimes with pleading 
effects.  (Now I'll duck and wait for nit-pickers...)  :-)

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