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Question abt. Alternator Mount

Having just R&R'd the 110-amp alternator on my 1990 200, I noticed 
when replacing it that the mounting points at the top (the swivel 
point) have two ears (front and back) which stick up over the mounting 
bracket, but it only had a bolt through the *rear* mounting ear!  
This seems unusual - I would have expected two bolts.

In lousy ASCII art following:
=== is the mounting bracket ,   | is the front/rear ears
    |====| <- position of only mounting bolt
    |               |
    |  Alt.       |             

Question is - I checked and mounting bracket is threaded front and 
rear, so two bolts could be inserted.  However, since there was only one 
bolt installed - at the rear - I'm not sure whether two are required. 
I did note that the rear bolt goes thru what appears to be a small 
sleeve in the ear sticking up from the alternator.  The sleeve was a 
few MM wider than the ear, possibly allowing the bolt to tighten
 on the sleeve and still allow the body of the alternator to pivot...for 
adjustment by the other bolts used in mounting.

My question - Does anyone else with a similar alternator recall 
whether they had bolts both in front and back for the top ears 
on the alternator?  Maybe only one is required, and that sleeve is 
the actual pivot point.

This thing is hard enough to get at that I could easily be convinced 
to leave it as is!


Know how that plastic cover over the back of the alternator has a 
hole with grommet which guides lots of wires...and also is a 
ROYAL PITA when removing the alternator, as you have to take the 
heavy alternator loose, hold it in one hand, then remove the plastic 
cover before you can get at the power connections and lower the 
alternator to the ground?  Well, gee, that plastic cover fell on my 
hacksaw and the extension with guide hole and grommet fell off!  
Now I can remove the cover independent of those stupid wires.  
Couple of stout cable ties holds them just fine....

Also - the factory manual states that the brush unit and capacitor 
can be replaced without removing the alternator from the car.  They 
are easy  to get at, BUT they are located on the rear of the alternator 
under this plastic cover!  I don't see how you could remove that 
cover to get at them unless your hacksaw did the same thing mine 
did.....but now it's easy!

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