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rear window defogger 4000 coupe 5 cyl

Dear All

Yesterday, while I was enjoying a great drive to Mt. Rainier in
Washington, the indicator light in the instrument panel for the rear
window defogger lit itself (looks like an  orange filament) despite the
switch for the defogger being off. I checked to see if the defogger was
operating by removing the fuse and watching the voltage increase on the
center console voltage gauge. The defogger was on and the only way to
switch it off was via the fuse. Anyone know why this should be ? - could
it be due to the switch being faulty ($41 from University Audi in Seattle)
or possibly the relay. Anyone know where the relay is for the rear
defogger ? About the time the light lit, I switched the AC on (first time
this year !!) - a coincidence or possible cause ?. Any help would be

All the best

Robert P. Tonge, PhD	       _____    _    ____
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