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Repainting Wheels

Walnut blasting is the best, but I think plastic beads are ok too. What you
really want to do when you've got them cleaned up is powder coat them. Much,
much more durable than the silly clearcoat and can be done in virtually any
color you want. My Revolutions are done this way on my Cgt, and I have a set
of Abarth wheels for my Fiat that I had blasted and coated. They were in
pretty sad shape, chipped, pitted, etc. and the powder coating really filled
in the imperfections and made them look sweet. Most metro areas have someone
that can do coating for you, and the blasting is even easier to find. Most
auto machine shops have blasting cabinets big enough for wheels.
My $.02.

Dwight V.
8 Cgt, 89 Jetta GLI 16v