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Re: Radar Detectors + Radio dectectors..

>    I have seen recently, a scanner by ..Bearcat? Anyhow, it is
>preprogrammed with 48 or 49 states' police, state patrol, sheriff's, etc.
>radio frequencies, and will scan the specific ones for your state, so you
>can pick up the radio traffic from a radar trap; or pick up the air to
>ground traffic from a airplane based speedtrap.
>    Apparently, it also has a radar detector-like-thing that beeps when you
>are within about 3 miles of such a police radio

I have owned one for a couple of years...BTW, I have the series II.  The
first rendition was larger and didn't scan as fast.  It works by scanning
for the repeater frequencies used by police to relay transmissions to their
hand held radios.  Since they are fairly low powered, you can pick them up
anywhere from one to three miles (maybe 3 in Kansas...)  There is no radar
detector, per se.  I only use it on road trips...too many alerts around
metro areas.  Since it is a scanner you can also listen to the dialog
between the police and HQ...good for comic relief at times...