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towing a quattro

     Well, thanks for the info on this subject.  That is one thing I have alway
s wondered.  And, of course, if I ever had to have my car towed, I would have i
t towed *ONLY* on a flatbet!  I know that much.  But, I always wondered about w
hat would happen if the car was towed without my permission.  They use a cheap
service with standard issue towtrucks here, and I figure if they tow it that wa
y (with rear two wheels rolling) than it would seriously mess up the drivetrain
of the car.  That scares me enough that I will not park illegally *although I h
ave done it before).  And, I seriously doubt that these guys here use that book
before they tow a car.  I've seen them do it before (not to my car), and they c
an get a car out of a spot in 1 minute fat!  They are not real careful either.
But, they get the job done.  Luckly, around here they usually just hit you up w
ith tickets, and don't bother towing.

         My two reccomendations to quattro owners are:

            1. Don't park illegally.  You never know what will happen and I shu
dder at the thought of what could happen.

            2.  And, like me, always carry a business card of a reputable towin
g service that uses flatbed tucks with you at all times.

            (3. If they did tow it incorrectly...can you say lawsuit?)