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Re: towing a quattro

Dave Eaton wrote:
> i interrupted a towie the other day trying to remove my illegally parked s2.  driving away the thought occured to me that towing a quattro (w/torsen) would not
> ie. both front wheels stationary (on the tow truck), and the rear wheels moving.  the torsen locks 25:75% so therefore there would be torque transmitted to the
> am i missing something?
> -dave.

You are correct.  If the tow truck driver was properly trained (and wants to keep his job by not 
killing your car!) before he pulled away, the rear two wheels should have been put up on a 
portable dolly system that he assembles under your rear wheels.

I have a good friend who works for a large towing company in the Portland, OR area and I have 
ridden with him on a couple of occasions.  The drivers have a book that has been issues (by AAA I 
_think_) that gives towing procedures for almost every car made.

Having helped tow both of my own cars on more than one occasion, I have seen this done, and know 
that it is the only way (other than a flatbed truck) to tow a quattro.



P.S.  A little trivia note:  That towing manual says to stay far away from the V8's and S4's if 
you drive a conventional tow truck.  They are only to be transported on a flatbed!

Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
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