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Re: Trunks

On Apr 9,  6:54pm, Chris O'Conor wrote:
> Subject: Trunks
> Dan Masi writes:
> >What are you guys talking about?!?  The A4's trunk is absolutely
> >cavernous!  Certainly much bigger than the A6!  Of course, it's
> > at the expense of the people in the rear seat...
> Don't think so Dan, I'll look up the specs tonight.

Don't bother, I just did.... and you're absolutely right.  The
A4 is listed as 13.7 ft^3, while the A6 gets 16.4.  Sorry 'bout

I made this statement having opened and compared the trunks
of an A6 and an A4 parked side-by-side in the showroom, and
my perception was that the A4's trunk was a bigger and better
design.  So, yep, I was deceived.  Still, though, 13.7 is
nothing to sneeze at, and the design is very open and usable.

Dan Masi