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Dan Masi writes:

>What are you guys talking about?!?  The A4's trunk is absolutely
>cavernous!  Certainly much bigger than the A6!  Of course, it's at the
>expense of the people in the rear seat...

Don't think so Dan, I'll look up the specs tonight.  But I think you're way off
on this one.  Having owned a 90, and test driven the A4 before I bought
the A6, there is NFW that the A4 has a larger trunk.  It is deceiving
because of the swing up tailgate and the overhang of the back deck, but
I still don't think its bigger than the A6.  I am sure, as I have seen by the
flamitude of many a more scholarly Audi-ite than I, I'm probably wrong. 

-Chris O'Conor