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Re: Euro A4 with 5valve V6

 Bob D'Amato writes:
> > I looked at a homepage for a British Audi dealer today and the 30valve 
> > 2.8 V6  A4 pumping out 193 hp, is available for the UK. 
> > 0-62mph in 7.3 sec for the manual! Man I cannot wait til that baby comes 
> > here! Yet more reasons to save my money for mods to my aging 100S.
> Arent we supposed to be moving forward here?  7.3?? My 90 20V is 
> published at 7.2  (not sure where some of you got the 7.7 a while 
> back...) Anyway... with 10 more valves, and one more cylinder, I would 
> expect it should be in the mid 6's!  
Where/when was the 90 20V ever published at 7.2 ?? That would be an
astounding time for that car. I have the 1991 Audi sales brochure and
the claimed 0-60 time for both the Coupe Q and the 90 20V is 8.1.
I certainly never thought that my 91 Coupe Q was doing it in less than
8 seconds. There was a 1991 R&T six car comparison test whcih included
the 90 20V and they recorded a 0-60 time MUCH slower than the Audi
claimed 8.1. I'll see if I can pull that article out tonight.

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