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Re: Euro A4 with 5valve V6

>>> 7.2??  Then why is the Quattro Coupe 20v so 'slow' at 8.72?
>>> (according to Sports Car International mag -May 1990)  Both cars
>>> have the same engine, and 'appear' to be about the same weight (3171
>>> for the Coupe... not sure about a 90Q20v).  

>Gear ratios for the 90 Coupe Q are as follows....
>GEAR            RATIO           Speed
>1               3.55            33
>2               2.11            57
>3               1.43            83
>4               1.03            116
>5               .84             132
>6  -haha.. just checking to see if you were paying attention.  ;)  
>OK, so there they are... does anyone have the ratios for a 90Q 20V
>to compare them to?  I'm curious about this one.  :)

>From July 1991 Car and Driver, for 90q20v:

GEAR       RATIO        Speed

1               3.55            33
2               2.11            55
3               1.30            89
4               1.03           113
5               .84             131

The 1991 90q20v does 0-60 in 8.2, according to the same article.

The 1990 90q20v does 0-60 in 7.9(June 1989 Car and Driver), and has
a higher top speed of 137.

>From personal experience, I believe that the 90q20v is closer to 7 seconds
to 60mph.  I have beaten and been even with several Corrado VR6's
(0-60 in 6.5-6.9 sec.) in impromptu stoplight races w/ my '90 90q20v (w/
larger diameter tires than stock and no wheel spin ...gotta love quattoros
:)... ).  I have
also hung very close to the newest M3's (all the way to 140+ mph in one case).
I don't see why the coupe would be slower, as they both weigh the same  
(3103-3180 lbs).  Most likely the differences are due to testing conditions and
or driver error/incompetence. 

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