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Coupe Quattro Brake Pad Question

     This is my first ever post to the Quattro List.  I have a 1990 Coupe
Quattro that I love very much.  It is red with black leather and all the
options, except for pearlescent paint, of course.  This is actually my second
Coupe Quattro.  My first one was unfortunately rear-ended and totalled.  The
only modification I've made is a K & N filter.  I have a K & N cone filter
kit from Shaumberg on the way.
     I've got a question about brake pads.  Last fall, I front rotors, pads,
and a few other miscellaneous parts for a front brake job.  I've been waiting
for a warm weekend this spring to do the job.  When I bought the pads, I was
told that metal masters were not available specifically for my car.  However,
the guy sold me pads for a 5000 turbo and said they would work.  All I had to
do was cut off the wear sensor wires.
     I changed the pads once before, but I didn't know I was supposed to have
the rotors turned at the same time.  Oops!  Now I want to do the whole job
right, but, I unknowingly threw out the original pads and the clips that were
on them.  Here are my questions:
1.   The pads I bought are boxed by Lucas-Girling.  Are these the same as the
Repco metal masters I always hear about?  Will they make a big difference
over stock?  Do they wear the rotors any quicker?
2.   Are those clips absolutely necessary?  I can see that there are holes
for them on the pads I currently have on.  These are after-market organic
3.   Are the pads I bought appropriate for my car?  They don't have holes for
the clips.
4.   Should I go to the dealer and buy OEM parts that come with clips?
5.   What's the best way to drain brake fluid for the displacement of the new
rotors and pads?
6.   Any other brake job words of wisdom?

     Also, I work in Midland, Michigan during the week and stay at the
Holiday Inn.  I notice at the end of every week, there is a black S4 with no
badges parked outside.  Does this car belong to any of you on the list?  I
also saw a pearl Coupe Quattro parked right near mine at Detroit Metro
Airport, last weekend.  Does this belong to some lucky someone out there?
     Well, any advice will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for
your help.

Jason Rhee
West Bloomfield, Michigan
1990 Coupe Quattro