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Re: Have Bentley, will FAX..

At 13:32 10/04/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I actually brought the Bentley for the '88 - '91 80, 90, & Coupes (Quattro
>models, 20V models, etc.) to work with me today.  I know this is a hard manual
>to find, so if anyone happens to need something from this thing, lemme know
>ASAP & I'll FAX you what you want, it goes home tonight & I'm not terribly good
>at remembering to bring the thing to work with me...

Hi Mike,

I'm new to the list - been silently familiarizing myself with the trends and
discussions of the list over the past week.

I have an '88 90Q (Canadian) and I am in desperate need of the wiring
diagram for that model. I'm still trying to obtain a manual, but if you can
help in any way I would very much appreciate it.

If you have to fax it I can arrange to stand by at a certain time so that I
can accept a collect call.

As the car is being used for pro rallies in Canada I do all the work myself
(inc. complete suspension rebuild, clutch replacement (whew!!) etc. etc.)

The car is an excellent performer, however recently the ECS check light came
on and performance is substantially down.

Again, any help would be much appreciated.