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Re: V8Q Heating Problems/partially full gas tanks

-- [ From: Lampman, L Sr. * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

One of our Qheads had a similar heating problem. Never burn bad incense
before good gods... apparently Stop Leak and cousins not considered good
AudiGod incense. (He didn't do it)  After new radiator and heater core (and
I think about 8 hrs labor) perhaps gods have been placated... just another
thing to check.. 

Gas tank thread: If all the boats in our marina would fill their tanks
before winter I would have little spring work ... partially full tanks sweat
and collect moisture big time, auto or boat. And partially warmed up engines
even worse. IMFO If you can't get the oil hot -- leave it cold. 

Les Lampman
Island County WA
90 V8Q, 92 100CS
Many holes in water for injecting money. If you think Audi's are bad...