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Re: Remote detector mounting.


The question I have regards the covert installation of a trusted radar   
detector companion which has rescued this individual from most certain   
damnation.  Being up here in the great white wonderland of Canada, the   
powers that be have deemed the use of a radar detectable is akin to the   
possession of illicit drugs and an unserialized 9mm.  Therefore I am   
forced to disguise my little friend, perhaps by mounting the head unit   
behind a pseudo fog light, with the display (lights) hidden somewhere in   
the dashboard.  I have done this before, with considerable success with   
earlier automobiles and detectors.  However the current detector is "VG2   
Invisible", cannot be found by the wretched detector-detectors.

My question is as follows:  will the disassembly of the detector result   
in the circumvention of the "VG2 Invisibility"?  Will it be detectable   
again?  I am assuming that the actual casing has some role to play in the   
EMF suppressions.  Is this a correct assessment?  The actual antenna   
(receptacle) will remain in the casing, only the face plate with   
associated lightning's will be removed.

Any inside information or outright guesses are welcome!


Raagi Pandya
Montreal, Canada