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Clutch problems in Quantum (Passat)

Please respond to me directly at ethier@freenet.msp.mn.us 

I have a 1987 WV Quantum ("Passat" to you Euro folks) Syncro, with the 
Audi 4000 Quattro five-cylinder and five-speed.  I believe that all 1985 
and later manual-transmission Quantums had hydraulic clutches.  I have 
seen a small tube leading down from the brake reservoir and always 
assumed that it fed a clutch master cylinder.  I have never gone to look 
for the master cylinder and bleed it or the slave cylinder (mea culpa).

In the past, I have noticed something about the clutch operation.  
Occasionally, I use the clutch and have it engage normally, but several 
seconds later hear a thud or clunk like the pedal popping up to its 
stop.  Since it seemed to function perfectly, with no trace of a slipping 
or grabbing clutch, I never got around to investigating (mea culpa again).

I fueled and washed the car last night and put it in the garage.  
Everything seemed normal.  My wife just phoned me to describe the 
problems she had this morning.  When she first got in the car, the clutch 
pedal seemed too low.  She says she sensed very little pedal travel and 
could not shift the gear lever into reverse easily.  She then pumped the 
pedal several times and the clutch worked fine.

Has anyone had these symptoms before?

How did you fix it?

Could this be air in the clutch system?

Where is the clutch master cylinder located, on the engine side of the 
firewall or the passenger side of the firewall?  Can one reach it?

Is the a particular part in the mechanical pedal linkage which hangs up?

Are there any mechanical adjusters?

Please respond to me directly at ethier@freenet.msp.mn.us

Phil Ethier <ethier@freenet.msp.mn.us>