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Re[2]: Alldata

     There is alot of info on this CD including wiring diagrams, component 
     locations and detailed repair procedures.  For instance:  if there is 
     a TSB related to a relay, their location diagrams show where ALL the 
     relays are.  The repair procedures are good, but they assume you have 
     a base mechanical knowledge.  The CD also has maintenance schedules.  
     One downfall is that it does not support clipboard functions so if you 
     want to cut/paste info, it is not possible unless you use some sort of 
     screen capture utility or you can use a prn2file utility because it 
     does support printing.
     I think you pretty much get what the shops get but limited to one 
     vehicle.  This CD is TSBs only.  The manual is another 24.95 I 
     If you are considering buying this, you should check out their web 
     site to see some sample info.   http//www.aldata.com
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: Alldata
Author:  a-powell1@tamu.edu at Internet
Date:    4/11/96 2:18 PM

Treilley quoth:
>      It is better for cars that are > 3 years old, I think.  You pay 24.95 
>      for 1 CD.  That means that next month, there may be a new TSB on you 
>      vehicle, in which case it is now another 24.95 for the new CD.  I have 
>      the CD for the 1990 Coupe Quattro(covers some 90s and 100s too) which 
>      is not likely to produce many new TSBs.  However, this should not be a 
>      problem because newer cars have a warrantee.  I would say buy one the 
>      day your warrantee runs out.
>      They do offer a subscription service for shops, but it is too 
>      expensive for us DIYs.
Can you describe the contents of tyour CD?  I suspect the shops get 
the full manuals and drawings for the increased $$$$.....
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