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Re[2]: Radar guns

     I couldn't resist :)
     This sounds like good advice to me.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: RE: Radar guns
Author:  Glen Powell <gpowell@acacianet.com> at Internet
Date:    4/11/96 6:17 AM

IMFO, the best way to fight speeding tickets is NOT to argue about the accuracy 
a nd/or admissability of the clocking/radar. I have the best success just 
telling ' The Judge' that basically I'm a nice guy, a family person, a taxpayer 
and a voter , a general upstanding community-type person, am gainfully employed,
drive manyma nymany miles every year with no accidents for manymanymany years, 
am a very caref ul and considerate driver and try to pay attention at all times 
and to obey all t raffic laws and am basically one of the 'good guys' and not 
one the 'types' that get lots of tickets and/or the 'type' that they are really 
looking to punish. I'l l also explain that I am are 'car collector' (*NOT a 
racer!*) and own many cars, and that if they hit me with a conviction and a fine
that the resultant loss of ' good driver ins rebates' on all of the vehicles 
plus the ins points plus the fine
 would be *way* in excess of what our lawmakers intended when they set the fine 
mounts for a simple speeding violation and that I have a *perfect* driving 
 and want to maintin the incentive to *continue to maintin* that perfect driving 
record and the all the points, ins penalties and fines would be really excessive
for a single and first simple speeding ticket. It also really helps if you were 
v ery nice to the officer, 'cause he might even suggest to drop the charge or at
a minimum not object if The Judge asks him what he thinks about giving you a 
 Wear a good suit, comb your hair, etc. (Duh!) There will be many other people 
ere in court up on FAR more serious charges (DWI, driving to endanger, multiple 
v iolation, looooong records, etc) and they obviously will not the 'upstanding 
citz ens' that all of us on this list are.   :)    Very likely there will also 
be many
 people that don't even show up and have arrest default/bench warrants issued on 
them. Your simple speeding violation, the fact that you actually took the time 
an d effort to go to court, showed up, asked for 'forgiveness'  and your 'good 
appea rance'  *will* make a big difference! Use this to your advantage. 
Sometimes the c ourts are just so overloaded with Real Serious (Tm) stuff that 
they just dismiss your speeding violation to get on to the next case. Believe 
me, this all might so und too basic or outright stupid, BUT IS WORKS! Cops, 
judges and juries aredriver s, pay insurance and are people too.....